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Keto Shepherd's Pie - Keys Nutrition

Feb 21, 2021Keys Nutrition
The ultimate keto shepherd’s pie recipe!
Ingredients :
• Minced meats to taste (beef, pork, lamb)
• Bacon pieces
• Vegetables to taste (onions, mushrooms)
• Butter for cooking and mash
• A cauliflower
• Half a broccoli
• Cream 35%
• Cheese for gratin
• Salt and pepper
• Spices to taste (try the sugar-free steak spices from the “Les Savory” brand available here )
Method :
Steam the cauliflower and half the broccoli. Meanwhile, in a pan, brown the chosen vegetables, bacon, salt, pepper and spices with butter. Add your meat. Leave to cook quietly. For the mash, use a blender arm for a smooth texture, otherwise go with a “potato masher”. Add salt pepper, fulllll butter, 35% cream. We take a baking dish. Add the contents of the meat and on top the mash. We finish with lots of grated cheese on top and a few crumbs of bacon, why not? 😋 Cook at 350F for around twenty minutes and return to “broil” to crisp the top!
Makes 6 servings .
[5g net carbs per serving]
Credit: Sébastien Verner Vallerand

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