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If you are looking for low carb foods, you want to reduce your carbohydrate intake, you start a diet, you are a pro in the ketogenic diet or want to start a ketogenic diet, look no further! The ketogenic diet is our specialty and we are proud to offer you a wide range of dairy products, grain products, various products low carb or sugar added. Welcome to our world!

Barres Céto||Keto bars
from 2.69 $

Keto bars

* contains oligosaccharides, may increase your blood sugar * Welcome to the reckless indulgence! Introducing the primary world in your mouth SU...

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Carbonaut - Bagel || Bagel - Carbonaut
10.99 $
9.99 $

Bagel - Carbonaut

Introducing Carbonaut's delicious bagelsAvailable in 3 flavors, you'll find your favorite kind whether it's for breakfast, lunch or even dessert!😍D...

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from 2.99 $

Keto Bar WOW

The bars are KETO WOW delicious snack bars , practice and keto-friendly to refuel on the move. They contain 180 calories, 14 g lipid 8 g ​​...

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