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Complete and balanced plant-based diet.
Healthy cuisine without traces of gluten.
Back to basics with Paléo.
Ketogenic menu for fat energy.
Protein dishes for strength and satiety.
Low-carbohydrate meals for optimal well-being.
Plates full of digestive fiber.
Delicious gastronomy without added sugar.
Delicacies moderate in sugar.
Delicious gastronomy without added sugar.
Fat-free cooking, preserved health.

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Slim Syrups

Slim syrups transform your drinks and desserts into sugar-free delights. With over 38 flavors available, every drop is a promise of pleasure without the calories or carbs. Whether you want to add a sweet touch to your coffee, latte, tea, smoothie, dessert, or even your yogurt, Slim Syrups is your ally. And that's not all: they're gluten-free, ketogenic, made in the USA, and vegan. Choose flavor without compromise with Slim Syrups.

8.99 $

Upcoming Events and Conferences

Participate in our upcoming events and conferences to discover the latest trends in keto recipes, products and foods

Health is more than the absence of disease and longevity is more than a matter of luck.

We talk too little about health to always talk about illnesses. However, what everyone would like is to be healthy longer and not old and sick longer. Who wants to become a CHSLD tenant?

We all want to live happy and healthy lives, like the centenarians who fascinate us so much. We are curious to understand how they manage not only to stay alive, but to enjoy life for so long. Do they (more often they) have lives sheltered from pitfalls? Do they have unusual genetics?

Scientific data allows us to say that these extraordinary people have completely ordinary genetics. They have lives and problems like everyone else. So what makes the difference?

During the free conference on January 11, we will look at which lifestyle habits are relevant to improve health and enable longevity full of vitality. We will briefly discuss which diet offers us the most potential for long-term health.

This conference will give you an overview of the 8 workshops starting February 20, 2024: “Longevity in action: 8 weeks to add life to your longevity”. During these 8 workshops, every Tuesday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., we offer 30 minutes of information with visual supports (Powerpoint presentation) and 30 minutes of discussion with your experts, Eric Simard and Jean-Yves Dionne.

Best Foods for the Keto Diet & Low Carb Products

Since 2004, Keys Nutrition has been a reference in Canada for the keto diet and low-carb foods. With more than 1,500 products, including bagels, breads, and pancakes, they meet the needs of various diets. Their site offers valuable resources on the keto diet, with diabetic recipes and easy diabetic desserts. Join their community on social media to share your culinary experiences and discoveries.