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About Keto Quebec

Our mission

We are and will continue to be the largest directory of ketogenic and low carb foods, THE destination with a thousand options offering you the most sublime one than the other products.

Today everyone lack of time but having an awareness of having good nutrition, it can sometimes be difficult to find all that was needed. This website and its outlets have been designed in order to provide as much as possible for people with a diet low in carbohydrates and ketogenic.

Who are we ?

It all started with a team in search of health and welfare, Patrick and Josiane. Wishing to provide a real directory where each customer can easily find all products surrounding this diet, Patrick, a guy full of ideas and always had a fascination to make everything as simple as possible, set out to research the products more conducive to please that client. Josiane on her side, a woman full of energy, always smiling and ready to meet new challenges, has been able to structure this first Quebec store 100% ketogenic and low in carbohydrates to make it simple and easy.


The official launch took place on July 18 2018, it was the beginning of a great adventure! Thank you for making THE difference in a 100% quebec proud business.

Josiane et Patrick