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Low Carb Bloody Mary - Keys Nutrition

Do you want a good low-carb Bloody Mary? Here is a recipe for you!
Ingredients :
4 oz low-carb tomato juice
• 3 oz of vodka
• 1/2 tsp. teaspoon worcestershire sauce
• 1 C. teaspoon keto simple syrup or Swerve powder (available here)
• 2 tbsp. teaspoon lemon juice
• 2-3 tastes of hot sauce (available here)
• 1/4 tsp. teaspoon pepper
• A few ice cubes
Method :
In a large glass, mix all the ingredients. Adjust the taste if necessary. Decorate with a skewer of tomatoes, olives and marinated gherkins (available here) with a stalk of celery. Chin!

Gives a big drink. ( you can reduce the recipe to reduce the carbohydrates )
[6g net carbs per large alcoholic drink]
Credit: Keys Nutrition

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