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Supplement XPN-Stevia

by XPN
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sweetening power 300 times more powerful than table sugar. H6>
You Stevia XPN warranty The product is completely based on Stevia rebaudiana, not less than 90% stevioside. H6>
100% natural sweetening agent. H6>
Ideal to complement the diets low in carbohydrates carbon. H6>
Warning: Videos The nutritional information provided is for reference only. While we strive to keep accurate, the formulations may change from time to time. Always read the current label before using the product. Our company will not be held responsible for errors or typing errors in the information provided. H6>
Sweetness 300 times more Powerful than sugar table. The Stevia XPN Guarantees product is totally made from Stevia rebaudiana, without less than 90% stevioside. Sweetening agent 100% natural. . Ideal for Enhancing diets low in carbohydrates
Warning: The nutritional information is for reference only Provided. While we strive to keep the information accurate, the wording May change from time to time. Always read the label before using the current product. Our company will not Be Held Responsible for typing errors or errors in the information Provided. ®

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