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KEYS NUTRITION (100% Quebec brand) Oat fiber 750g (Case of 12 units)

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Keys Nutrition Organic Erythritol is a natural, calorie-free sweetener that provides the sweetness of sugar without the negative effects on blood sugar levels, making it perfect for ketogenic, low-carb, and diabetic diets.

Oat fiber

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If you have xylitol or maltitol in your ingredients, you need to add 50% of these sugar alcohols to your net carbs to get the right total.

The health benefits of the keto lifestyle

The benefits of a Keto lifestyle are numerous: weight loss, improved metabolic and cardiovascular markers, mental health, insulin sensitivity, blood sugar control, cognitive functions, energy levels, mental focus, and more. -be general. Whether you prefer a delicious alternative to bread, a satisfying wrap, guilt-free desserts, tasty crackers, pasta, drinks, supplements, flour, mayonnaise, protein, cereal, candy bars, or syrups, our Keto products offer delicious and healthy options, perfectly aligned with the benefits of a keto lifestyle.

Why choose our Keto products?

When you choose our keto products, you are not just opting for a taste sensation, but you are committing to your well-being. Whether you're looking for a delectable alternative to bread, a convenient wrap, or a tasty dessert, our range of keto products is designed to make your low-carb journey enjoyable and satisfying.