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Supplement Land Art - Chlorophyll 15x Mint 100ml

24.99 $

Chlorophyll Liquid at 15x mint (300 mg / 5 ml) from wild alfalfa GMO

Equipped with a dropper practice, chlorophyll Land Art comes from GMO alfalfa wild premium. It is cold extracted without chemical solvent, supercritical method. Chlorophyll Land Art is a powerful antioxidant. It promotes body odor. Diluted in a glass of water, it is the health drink of choice.

Unpasteurized. It is dosed at 300 mg per 5 ml chlorophyllin.

The benefits:

  • Helping the body to release toxins li>
  • Foster alkalinization and deodorizing the body; li>
  • Its detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Li> Ul>

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