About Keys Nutrition

Our mission, nothing less than to become the Amazon of SUGAR FREE and thus, to propagate good collective health!

At Keys Nutrition, we are a distributor of low-carbohydrate and sugar-free foods that can suit the person who wants to have a better general health, diabetics as well as the strictest keto. You will discover how simple it is to have healthy alternatives such as ready-to-eat meals containing less than 10g of net carbohydrates, guilt-free chips, caramels or gelatos that will perfectly suit diabetics.

Did you know that...

95% of our customers are not Keto, they simply want to have fun while eating without the harmful side of sugar. According to Diabetes Canada, in 2020, the rate of diagnosed diabetics was 10% and for the undiagnosed or with pre-diabetes, 29%...in 2030, it will be 32% of the population, that is to say more than 13 million Canadians.
Don't wait to be part of the statistics!

Who are we?

It all started with a team looking for health and well-being, Patrick and Josiane. Wanting to offer a real directory in which each customer can easily find all the products surrounding this food, Patrick, a guy brimming with ideas and always having a fascination to make everything as simple as possible, began looking for the products most likely to please this clientele. Josiane, on the other hand, a woman full of energy, smiling and always ready to take on new challenges, has managed to structure this first Quebec grocery store specialized in low-carbohydrate and SUGAR-FREE foods in order to make it simple and user-friendly.

Our values

  • Fast and impeccable service
  • Always do better and innovate
  • FANATIC customer service
  • Have more FUN than yesterday while respecting our values


The official launch took place on July 18, 2018, it was the beginning of a beautiful and great adventure! Thank you for supporting a proud company that cares about your health. 

Josiane and Patrick