Indigo - Shredded coconut Organic Unsweetened 200g / Indigo - Organic unsweetened coconut 200g (NT)

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Why we like this: h6>
The shredded coconut simply, no other ingredients. What makes it different? coconuts simply organic. Product Description: -USDA certified organic -Vegan -No gluten -No sugar added -No preservatives added h6>
Ingredients : coconut bio
Warning h6>
The provided nutritional information is for reference only.
While we endeavor to keep the information accurate, France formulations may change from time to time.
Always read the current label before using the product
. Our company will not be liable for
typos or errors in the information provided
Why do we like this product.
Just shredded coconut, no other ingredients . What makes _him_ different? Simply organic coconut. Product Description: certified organic -USDA -Vegan -Gluten free -No sugar added -No added preservatives h6>
Ingredients: organic coconut span > h6>
Warning: The nutritional information Provided is for reference only. As we strive to keep the information accurate, the formulations May change from time to time. Please always read the label before using the current product. Our company will not Be Held Responsible for typing errors or errors in the information Provided ® h6>

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