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Barres Céto||Keto bars
from 3.15 $

Keto bars


* contains oligosaccharides, may increase your blood sugar * Welcome to the reckless indulgence! Introducing the primary world in your mouth SU...

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24.99 $
21.99 $

Pancake mix 454g


Years Perfomance Admixture pancake 454g Pancake mix or waffles keto naturally sweet, easy to prepare (just add water), Gluten and low in carb...

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Beurre d'arachide 500g||Peanut Butter 500g
10.99 $

Peanut Butter 500g


* Note that it is possible that the fiber of tapioca do increase your blood sugar. Peanut butter ingredients: Peanuts, coconut oil organic virgin ...

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