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Supplement SPROOS 6 PACK- TCM + Collagen for coffee

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Collagen + TCM for Sproos coffee brings a creamy note to your favorite beverage hot or cold while providing a daily dose of two favorite ingredients, marine collagen and TCM powder! Highly soluble and easily absorbed, the marine collagen peptides help to restore and rebuild collagen in the body that is involved in the digestion and nourishes the skin, hair, nails and joints. Our marine collagen is extracted from the skin and fish scales (cod, pollock, haddock) caught in the wild in the North Atlantic, making it a powerful and sustainable source of natural food.

TCM powder is made from coconut oil extracted from young coconut and is a healthy source of digestible fat. Our TCM first quality powder usually contains 70% MCT, 92% of which is combined with caprylic acid and capric acid (C8 and C10). MCT oil promotes metabolic and cognitive functioning, allowing you to better reflect and maintain a healthy weight. This is therefore an excellent complement to a healthy diet.

Use: Promotes digestive health and is a healthy source of digestible fats that are ideal for brain health and metabolic functioning.

Using collagen + TCM Coffee Sproos: Add a spoon or a bag to your coffee, tea or smoothie favorite and whisk well. Try also add collagen to our coffee foods like energy balls, pancakes, pastries, oatmeal, chia pudding and soups.

Warning: Consult a healthcare professional before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, if you have liver disease or kidney or if you are prescribed a low protein diet. collagen consumption may cause mild gastrointestinal disorders.

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